About Me

An explanation of my processes and of the equipment used.

All images were captured on my Canon cameras. File processing is done in Adobe Lightroom, with final tweaks and print output from Adobe Photoshop.
Photo files are then converted manually to oils, watercolours, acrylics or pencil drawings. This is done without using Photoshop. Prints are the created professionally by a third party print company located here in Portugal.

Please email me for pricing or further information.
About me
Christopher is a self-taught artist, specialising in contemporary landscapes and seascapes. His work is inspired by the beauty of the natural environment and provides a unique interpretation of the dynamic relationship between earth, water and sky. His ability to capture the essence and drama of these elements, in particular, their reaction to light, captivates the observer. Working in Oil and Watercolour, he produces paintings full of atmosphere and a projection of vast open space. His work features landscapes set at dusk with the setting sun and brooding shadows of mountains as well as energetic seascapes of cresting waves. Christopher excels at capturing the moment, a skill he developed from his passion for photography. He travels as often as he can to revel in unspoilt, open landscapes to gain inspiration for his work. Christopher has a particular passion for depicting his native Irish countryside as well as the landscapes and seascapes of his adopted home in Portugal. His style is of the impressionist tradition and he draws inspiration from the works of past masters, such as Pissarro, Monet and Cézanne, with their skilful use of light and atmospheric qualities.